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To be concise and direct about Organizations who dont follow their own law the way they write it. If anything? They do the oppisite of what they write.  MDPH? SOCIAL SECURITY AND CAF "They need to Stop their unjust treatment. They really treat people who are disabled like inhuman treatment of like battery-reared chickens who are force-fed with their low life checks from money that comes from tax payers ..."

They focus more on the greed of other peoples money and never Focus on the solutions: One example is to "Increase the minimum wage to 10 euros per hour" The second example is  WHO THE FUCK CAN LIVE WITH A CAF CHECK .... BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL.....I must admit one thing...WOMAN SHOULD STOP HAVING BABIES JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT.....Going after a walefare check is not the way to go about it....Humans also kurrupt the system by making more babies just for the money. There should be a system that will only allow payments for real families who are married with financial problems. NOW DAYS EVEYONE IS JUST FUCKING ANYONE FOR THE SOURCE OF MONEY. That shit needs to stop!

I could understand a disabled person or a raped woman....BUT! I DONT SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO JUST FUCK TO MAKE BABIES FOR THE WALEFARE CHECK AND SPECIALLY IF THEY ARE NOT MARRIED...There should be a law against humans who also kurrupt the system..

Also just for the record! The government MUST  "Stop increasing wage inequality" and should Communicate the urgency of the situation....They should also "Authorize the marketing of the medicine that can save peoples life before it's too late"...

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