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Lets make bulling illegal �

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my son has been getting bullied he's only 4 years old. He recently got his head cut open in school with a block and has a hole cause by a student who's been bulling him since the beginning of the school year. Yes hes only in pre-k but its still school. I tried filing a report but the sheriff said nothing can be done because bulling isn't a crime in the state of texas ! Well with them saying that it eventually sounds like its fine for one to be pushed around and have injuries like my son has and its ok ? There's way to much of this bulling going around, whether its emotionally or physically, and theres no stop to it ! Children are afraid to tell anyone about it... Why? Because THERE AFRAID NO-ONE WILL LISTEN OR HELP !!!  

No mother or father deserves to burry there child ...... A bully should be punished for there actions no matter the age. We dont need someone innocent hurt or for them to take there life because there not getting help and nothing is being done! 

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