Sal Abbatiello deserves to have his own street named after him don’t you agree?

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In 1983 a short time after his place SKATE FEVER was open, Sal along with some youths
of the community, established The Macomb's Youth Association. The
Macomb's Youth Association, was a day recreation center held right in
the skating rink, to all children of the surrounding area. They set up
historical, camping, and educational trips. They had numerous benefits
to restore and rebuild the neighborhood, but Sal's most proud
achievement was the restoration of a city park and playground on 172nd street in the Bronx that was rundown and abandon for over seven years. That year Sal was awarded “The Bronx Citizen of the Year” award by Bronx Borough President Stanley Simon.

Abbatiello was never biased when it came to hiring his employees. He
has been known to employ people with little or no experience and most
of his were directly from within the community. At one time, in1983
he employed over 150 people making him one of the biggest employers in
the Bronx. Sal Abbatiello, a family man, and married since 1980 is the
proud father of 3 children and has been actively involved with charity
and community work since the late 1970’s.

In the early 1980s FEVER ENTERPRISES had raised over $75,000 for the
United Negro College Fund. In 1983 People Magazine, Time Magazine,
Rolling Stone, Village Voice, NBC, ABC, CBS and every other major
media news people, were telling the world how Disco Fever, Sal Abbatiello and Hip Hop music had influenced the birth of a new culture.