Cancellation of RTU Final Semester Examination

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Rajasthan Technical University has recently announced that it'll be taking the final semester examination in this Pandemic. This has caused a lot of chaos and confusion for students across the state.

Some of the things not taken into consideration are as follows:

1. Students who failed in any previous semester are being promoted and the students who passed in all semesters and reached till final semester have to give an exam with fear of the pandemic.

2. Even if social distancing is maintained during the exam, students might gather together before and after the exam.

3. The mental stress and state of all other year students are understood but don't the final year students undergo the same mental stress during this covid19Pandemic.

4. Online resources and syllabus are yet not enough to complete the term. Books are not available with the students. Most of the students in rural areas don't have the access to online syllabus.

5. Traveling from one place to another to just give exams during this Pandemic not acceptable.

6. In our College or Any RTU college in Rajasthan, nearly 70-80% of students do not hail from the same city, and all they have to depend on outside food eg.mess, restaurants, hostels, etc.

7. Even due to lack of transportation students will not be able to travel from different parts of the country to Rajasthan, even if we ignore the rising case in Rajasthan for a second.

8. Most of the states have even ordered to cancel the examination and promote based on the past scorecards. So, why not RTU?

9. Even if we're in quarantine for 14 days, it's going to create mental pressure among students.

10. Students who're from outside when returning back home after giving exams are also going to increase the chance of spread of this deadly virus, When we know that children and old aged peoples are prone to this virus so much.

All the final year students have already given 5 semesters (for 3-year courses) or 7 semesters (for 4-year courses) examinations. Also, in the majority of colleges, internal exams are already conducted. All of these can help assess the overall performance of each student which could further be used to evaluate their graduate marks.

Hence, it is all of our sincere requests to kindly cancel the examination for final semester students. The health of all students is more important than their academics. However, we can't ignore the importance of academics and hence request you to assess us on our previous marks and give us a wealth of time and health for future accomplishments. 

Amidst COVID-19, Government, as well as parents, are seriously concerned about not having food from outside as it has poor sanitation and hygiene. So I would like to urge everyone here to stand up against this and request the college Authorities that they should conduct online examinations instead of offline mode. I would also like to request all college faculties and staff to come and support in favor of this serious issue.

We know our voices are well taken care of, thank you for your time.


With  Regards,
All students currently enrolled under Rajasthan Technical University