Decongestion of traffic at the Amar Mahal entrance to P L Lokhande Marg, Chembur, Mumbai

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The traffic situation at the Amar Mahal entrance to the P L Lokhande Marg is often jammed. The share autos used by residents along the P L Lokhande Marg and Shivaji Nagar are parked at the entrance and this leads to traffic jams as vehicles need to swerve around the autos parked. BEST buses also ply on this road, which is the approach road for the Chembur railway station from the west side.

Our request is to create an auto stand along the service road coming from Cheddhanagar after Munjal Nagar and before the P L Lokhande Marg entrance, so the residents can continue to use the service, the auto drivers continue their livelihood and the road users can use the road without jams. This is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved.