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Denial of service and abusive behavior by Mumbai Rickshaws and Taxis

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Everyday an average mumbai passenger faces tremendous inconvenience caused by denial of service, tampered meters and above all the abusive language used by rickshaws and taxis in Mumbai. Even though there is an online form to lodge complains, there is no webpage displaying the tracking of necessary actions. Even though analog meters have been replaced by digital for some rickshaws, its just a matter of time before rickshaw drivers find a way to tamper them. Rickshaw drivers clearly do not fear the system in place as can be seen by their behavior on roads. One such place in Mumbai where you can go and see this behavior is Kensignton Hiranandani outside Nomura, Delloite and TCS office. Rickshaw drivers do not comply. Not all rickshaw drivers are the same, some are honest but overtime they also learn to cheat for survival. My home is 15 mins away from my office but I take 60-70 mins to reach because I have to wait for that one honest guy who passes by and takes any passenger. If I ask a question such as "Why wouldn't you go??" the answer comes like "Don't even ask that question, i don't want to go and thats all".

You can see distress of people at the attached weblink. There has been no response for their cries.

10 years ago, Mumbai used to be a great city. If you were new to city and hired an auto, the driver used to take you to destination from the shortest route and charge the exact fare. I want to see the same Mumbai again and I am sure every Mumbai citizen wants the same.

This petition requests RTO office to put in place a more firm and corruption free system where actions are faster and more in mumber than complaints.

Please sign this petition and drive this change for you.

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