RTE: End the body hatred!

How is it that anybody thinks it's in ANYway ok to humiliate and bully people? Who are these people who think it's ok and who on earth gives the go-ahead to let this kind of disgusting and inhumane behaviour go on national TV? I mean what has the world come to? Society is riddled with obsession and hatred around their bodies and programs like this one simply enhance peoples thinking that to be thin is the only way to be acceptable in this life. I'm learning for myself that Life is about more than the size of our bodies and as someone who is working to break through my own obsessions and hatreds around this topic, I know for a fact that it severely and completely destroys the lives of those effected (which is sadly a far greater audience than the one watching this show). It is so sad and breaks my heart to think that the message portrayed on the show that unless you are thin, you're not good enough to be treated like the beautiful human being you are, is the message being planted in the youth of the world. How dare these people stunt the emotional and spiritual growth of people. Our worth and successes canNOT be determined by whether we lost 1 or 10 lbs in a week. It has nothing to do with it. I think it's disgusting. Sounds harsh? Well try living with the end results of an eating disorder cause that's what this show is all about. It encourages and enhances eating disorders. We need to learn how to feel good enough without a scales or clothes tag number, we need to learn together that life is about more than all the horrible messages given in the program and we need to learn how to love and accept ourselves for who and what we are cause then there would be no need to hate or obsess and it would leave the hearts of everyone a lot happier. We are all victim to society in different ways but we must stand up and stop being victims. STOP the cycle by stopping watching this hideous and barbaric public display of bullying. It's NOT ok and it's up to each of us to do our bit.

Rebecca O'Byrne, Dublin, Ireland
9 years ago
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