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  1. We are calling for our comrades to stand with us as we would for you. The union is you! We need you by our side. #voteno it's #notgoodenough we can win this together. If we all say no what can they do? Make it better for everyone.
  2. The changes rob drivers of basic rostering provisions we have fought many years to obtain.
  3. There is no need to sacrifice our conditions to introduce new rostering that embellishes the franchise profits and sees drivers doing longer hours travelling in taxis and middle motors.
    The RTBU need to step up and say NO to selling out drivers and introducing a casualised mentality to our workforce.
    Casualisation is toxic to every workforce.
    VOTE NO!
  4. #voteno #notgoodenough
    The conditions that have been built on years of hard work by our predecessors are about to be swept away from us by people with no concern or will to fight the battle in front of us. There is so much more this EBA can and will be, if we stand united and not let a few ruin it for the majority. Stand strong and know that we are not happy with what has been put forward.

  5. #voteno

    How could you even be suggesting the proposed new EA is beneficial for everybody when the highly-decorated payrises fail to cover the additional costs that will be imposed on drivers who have to drive in their own time to alternate depots? How can you be happy with an EA that removes almost everything from the list of facilities to be provided in meal rooms and depots? How can you be happy with an EA that has errors in it starting off with the listing of all proposed pay rises saying one figure in writing and a different figure in numerals for every single clause-we know which way the company will make it work for them, and it won't be the higher paying options!