NZ Government: To Openly Support the Venezuelan Transition to Democracy

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Would you entrust the holding of free and fair elections to a regime that silences with bribes, torture and murder any kind dissent?

Of course, you would not. So why to ask to do so to the Venezuelan people?

Since January 21st until today, Maduro’s regime has illegally arrested 850 demonstrators. Seventy-seven of them are kids, aged 12 to 16. They were either asking for freedom or just passing by, but without any trial or due process, and during a TV show, Maduro condemned them to 20 years of prison under charges of terrorism, violence and hate crimes.

Yes, even the kids were charged with those crimes.

Most of them have been uncommunicated since their detention and Foro Penal, a local NGO devoted to the defence of Human Rights, is registering countless allegations of prisoner abuses and torture.

There is a lot of misinformation about Venezuelan Crisis, and that is more than normal because since 2004, every single one of the massive protests, political demonstrations and civil disobedience acts deployed by the Venezuelan people against the abuse of authority and the loss of fundamental rights has been conveniently presented by the dictatorship as an ideological battle between the Left and the Right.

It is time to stop this nonsense. 

This has nothing to do with picking one side. This is about the recovering of the fundamental norms and institutions that make possible democratic conviviality and life.

It is time to restore the constitutional order.

Please, stand up with the Venezuelan people and support the transition to democracy, in consonance with the path established by the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, courageously defended by the Venezuelan people, the National Assembly and the Interim President Juan Guaido.