Delay the RBS sale of Hough End Hall until December 2015 so the community can buy it.

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Friends of Hough End Hall is working to make this fine Tudor manor house available as a resource for the community of South Manchester. The Hall is currently owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), through its subsidiary 'West Register'. We have succeeded in having it listed as a 'community asset' which means a sale cannot be concluded for six months. While the Hall has been vacant for some two years, there is now pressure from the Treasury for RBS to get rid of its property portfolio as part of the Bank's “de-leveraging”. That means that when the moratorium on its sale ends on 25 November, they will want to sell the Hall as soon as possible.

Our problem is that our best chance of raising the money to buy the Hall is through a big grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. But although our meetings with them have been encouraging, it will take longer than this until they could agree the money. This is because of the considerable amount of work needed to demonstrate that our plans to run the Hall are water-tight, and the set dates that they work to for considering proposals and finally agreeing funding (December, 2015)

We have spoken to management at West Register, who although sympathetic, have clear instructions from above to make a sale as soon as possible.

We are therefore asking that a special case be made for Hough End Hall, delaying any sale until the process of consideration by the Heritage Lottery Fund is completed in December 2015. With a sale price of £300k, Hough End Hall is an insignificant part of RBS's £5.3Bn property assets for sale (£3.7Bn with West Register).  We understand the need to realise the value of RBS assets for the tax payer, but suggest that supporting this community bid to buy fits fully within that mission.


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