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Businesses, stop being sexist: Anyone should be able to pick up any magazine without being discouraged or afraid!

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Dear RT Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, and our audience reading,

Today, (15th March 2014), I was in a Morrison's store looking at the women's magazine section for Vogue (for myself) when I came across sexism; it said "Womens Weeklies" and "Mens Interests" which was not only sexist but it was unpunctuated (without apostrophes). Why can't anyone of any gender pick up a magazine instead of it being targeted to one specific gender?

Why shouldn't (as it is portrayed) women (and girls, for that matter) be interested in the likes of, for example, mountain cycling, football, science, rock and pornographic magazines? And why can't men (and boys, too) be interested in the likes of, for example, Vogue, Closer, Woman's Own and Look magazines?

Both sections of these magazines are sending and portraying a message that it is not acceptable for a boy, for example, to read Look, My Weekly and Vogue; I did it anyway to prove a point that anyone of any gender can read any magazines that they choose (pornographic magazines, may be restricted to 18+ though) and that it should be socially acceptable for me to read Cosmopolitan, for example.

The same idea goes for women and girls too; you should be able to read the likes of (for example), Kerrang!, Match, The Economist and New Scientist without feeling inadequate or excluded from purchasing such products. This, again, sends out a message that girls and women cannot become scientists and economists; a female friend I know is a microbiologist and she works for GSK and my other female friend studies a Biology degree in New York - so there, that proves my point that women can be whoever they want to be! And men too, can be who they want to be too; I know male friends who are studying to be hairdressers and there are men who study beauty, midwifery (it should be midhusbandry too - another entry to the dictionary is needed) and many other female stereotypically careers.

What I am asking of you all is that you support my petition, write to your local MP's and local governing people, the supermarkets themselves (and their CEO's too). Also, help with the removal of any discrimination and that we can all work together and forward to combat this sexist problem that I and others have faced on our shopping trip. Share our petition, encourage others to sign our petition and to be active in combatting discrimination of not just sexism but ALL types of discrimination.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the problem and to those who have also signed our petition and who are supporting us.

Can't we work together to rectify this sexist issue Vince? And our supporters too?

Yours Faithfully,

Jay Taylor - Student, Liberal Feminist, Aspiring Writer and Campaigner for Equality and LGBT issues.

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