Nationwide Supervised Injection sites

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I am the mother of a 34 year old recovering drug addict and alcoholic.The last 15 years have been a living nightmare and I now feel that it is time to speak out.

I myself have no criminal record but over 15 years I have met numerous members of my local police force(including CID).I have met countless doctors,social workers,

drug councillors,paramedics,county court judges,hospital consultants,homeless outreach teams,priests,prison officers,housing officers,nurses,drug dealers,drug addicts,etc and this is while being forced to sell my home,also losing my husband to lung cancer and holding on to my job.

My son now has acute pancratitis and is lucky to be alive,although for how long,I don't know,you see    if he drinks it's a problem and if he doesn't it's a problem.

Overtime I've learned many things about the world of a drug addict,some things stick in my mind more than others--the first time my son asked for help he had to wait 2 weeks before he could be seen,needless to say he contiuned to use.The second thing  that comes to mind is when the fun or buz is gone for the addict and they just have to inject to feel normal( I know this because I had counciling from an ex addict at my sons drop in centre--and this is my point ,not only do addicts need a safe place to go but we also owe it to our children to DEGLAMORISE hard drugs

by filming (with consent) addicts in supervised injection sites,then visiting schools to show our children the ugly and dark side of the drug world.Suddenly it's not so exciting anymore and most importantly it is stigmatized.This is something that was discussed with me in my sons drop in centre and has worked in other countries.

I know that many parents have found themselves or are finding themselves in the same position as I have so please sign my petition and save our children from having to face what my son faced,my only son,my only child. THANK YOU