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Give Ahmadu the Right to Remain in the UK

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Ahmadu fled war-torn Sierra Leone the age of just 17 having escaped from the rebel soldiers who had killed his family, burned his village and forced him to work as a slave.  He has had no formal education and could only speak Fula.  He is now 30 years old and for the past 13 years his life has been in limbo here in the UK. 

Unable to access the right legal advice for the complex asylum process his initial claim was refused and not knowing he wasn't legally permitted to work, he was sent to prison for working to support himself and his British girlfriend.  In the UK he has now learned English and gradually began to understand what was going on around him.

Thanks to Paragon Law, Nottingham, Ahmadu now has an active legal challenge to try and grant him leave.  Despite expert evidence showing that he is from Sierra Leone and even a Home Office representative conceding this in court, the Sierra Leone embasssy refuses to accept him and therefore he cannot return there even if he wanted to return to the country where his family was destroyed.  Ahmadu has no family and no friends in Sierra Leone.  His whole life is here in the UK with us, his friends who have become his family.  Ahmadu has had 12 years of destitution in the UK and is currently housed by a refugee charity in Nottingham.  His only income is whatever he is given by friends and a small grant of £10 per month from another refugee charity. 

Despite his limited education, Ahmadu now speaks fluent English.  He has learnt carpentry and decorating skills.  He has a generous heart and a big smile and helps his friends despite his diffficult circumstances.  Ahmadu is an asset to our city and our country and we want him to stay here.  Ahmadu himself says: "I have no family now, so whenever I make friends, I see them as my family.  My family is here in Nottingham."

We are Ahmadu's family.  We ask the Home Office to recognise Ahmadu as a stateless person and grant him leave to remain in the UK so he may finally rebuild his life.

Please sign this petition to keep our brother Ahmadu where he belongs.

With thanks,

Joanna Peterson

Amdani Juma

Margaret Levin

Onesime Davidson

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