Extend the vote to all British citizens abroad

Extend the vote to all British citizens abroad

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Did you know that UK citizens who live elsewhere in the world normally have a right to vote in all UK elections - national and local - as long as they are registered to do so? All they need to do is fill in a simple form. But after 15 years of residence abroad, this right is cancelled. That rule might not be unreasonable in the case of a local council election, but in the EU referendum it prevented many of the very people whose lives would be most greatly affected from having a say in their own future. And in the General Election of 2017, those same people were excluded again. 

This referendum was not a matter of local politics; it affected the entire world, and yet an estimated 5 million British people had no vote. We believe that it was wrong of the UK to have disenfranchised its own citizens in this way at such a time, especially since it had previously been announced that the 15-year rule was due to be abolished. The promise was made in the same Queen's Speech as the promise of a referendum on EU membership.

It was repeated during Theresa May's year as Prime Minister, and again in the Conservative Party's Manifesto of 2017. By the time the Manifesto was presented in the Queen's Speech, however, it had vanished.

It appears that this government no longer intends to give UK citizens Votes For Life - after promising not once, not twice, but four times.

This is why we are asking the Government to consider extending the fundamental right to a vote, at once, to all UK passport-holders, wherever they reside, no matter how long they have lived away from home. If you agree that everyone has a democratic right to vote, please sign the petition. If you believe that the Government should find a way to restore the democratic right to vote to the rest of our compatriots, please sign the petition.

"We, the undersigned, are asking you, Theresa May, to extend the fundamental right to a vote  to all British citizens, regardless of where in the world they reside or how long they have lived outside the UK."

In the name of democracy, please sign the petition. Thank you.