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Do not allow the Investigatory Powers Bill to sabotage Encryption

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David Cameron has previously said there should be no "means of communication which (The Government) cannot read". Now, his Conservative Government, through a new Bill being proposed by Home Secretary Theresa May, is preparing to make that a reality.

The Home Office is about to unveil the Investigatory Powers Bill on Wednesday 4th November 2015 which, according to early reports, will ban Internet and Technology firms from providing end to end encryption to customers in the United Kingdom, and force companies (Such as Google and Facebook) to be able to hand over unencrypted copies of any communications they request via a warrant. This poses a huge risk not only to individual privacy of every citizen, but to the security and future of the UK's Technology Industry. 

Banning working encryption will affect more than you think.

Journalists rely upon end to end encryption to communicate in confidence with anonymous sources. Aid workers and human rights organizations use it to communicate with victims of atrocities under brutal dictatorships. Businesses use encryption to protect their customer's personal data, and hospitals use it to protect medical records. Privacy conscious citizens use it to ensure that their private life stays private. 

David Cameron and Theresa May believe that they can recruit companies to create workarounds that they can use to access anything that may have been securely encrypted. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what encryption is and how it works. Any encrypted service with a "backdoor" that the Government can access can just as readily be accessed by someone else who knows what they are doing. Be this a foreign spy or a malicious hacker, encryption with a "backdoor" is akin to a bucket with a hole in it - It defeats the entire purpose of having it in the first place.

Please, sign this petition as a means of getting the message across - to both Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary, Theresa May. Let them know that you oppose this, and that you believe any attempts to sabotage working encryption should be left out of the Investigatory Powers Bill. The UK's Technology Companies cannot be expected to work for the Government in invading the privacy of every individual in the country. Doing so will put us all at risk. 

Thank you.

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