Stop inhumane act of denying migrants to look after elderly parents

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I am the only child with my mum living in India. She was refused settlement visa for grounds that she is not financially dependent on us in 2012 thereafter rules changed. My mum recently had stroke in India and she is fully dependent on us for her basic needs. She has had right side paralysis and she is totally unable to speak or write or even assess her needs. I was with her for first three months and her recovery was amazing I managed to get her tracheostomy out got her NG feeding tube out. She eats well now although requires constant reminder to eat food slowly. She has bladder and bowel incontinence and despite regular physiotherapy and electrotherapy there has been little change in way of movement in right arm and leg neither has her speech recovered. I have applied for her settlement visa so that me and my family can help her out in this difficult time but its been refused saying no evidence that her care can't be outsourced. I think at this difficult time she should have been granted visa, what more evidence do border agency need than I am only child my mum needs psychological security that if anything happens she is with her daughter who will be with her rather than her passing away in some outsourced centre where she is not someone's mum she is just a client. Also the literature says that stroke patients need family support and psychological support is must to avoid getting depressed and have negative effect on improvement. Stroke recovery can continue over years but I can't leave UK to stay with my mum in India as I am the only breadwinner my husband has lost job as he is looking after my mum in India. I have three kids who have lived all their life here and I am supporting them in their studies.  We are a split family currently doing our best we can to support my mum. We don't want anything from border agency apart from grant her visa. I am a nurse and fully capable of housing and looking after my mum. I have helped so many families with sick children as part of my job but feel that UKBA can't appreciate my contribution to UK. Instead by denying settlement visa to my mum UK is taking away my right to care for my mum and my mum's right to be with her family. I want you all to please support me and my mum so I can look after my mum for the rest of her life.