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Fairer Funding to Educate Cheshire East Children

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Under proposals currently under consultation schools in Cheshire East will become the worst funded in England and will not have enough money to fund a basic education for all their children, including for children with special educational needs.

The current proposals will leave us with insufficient funds to maintain adequate provision in our schools. If implemented as proposed, this will lead to many or all of the following consequences:

·         The number of teachers will reduce and class sizes will increase in primary and secondary schools

·         It will be harder to recruit and retain the best teachers

·         Options at GCSE and ‘A’ level will be cut leaving our students with fewer options and particularly put MFL, technology, PE and the creative arts at risk

·         Reductions in support staff will lead to less support for vulnerable children

·         Opportunities outside the classroom will dwindle or disappear

·         Training for teachers will be cut and time to plan lessons will be reduced

·         There will be insufficient money to keep textbooks, computers and other classroom resources up to date

·         Standards in schools across all subjects, including English and mathematics, are likely to fall

The new formula must be sufficient for any of our existing schools to operate effectively regardless of their intake. We support the principle of schools that serve disadvantaged communities receiving additional support but this should not be achieved by making other schools unviable.

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