Petition Update

Medway's aggressive policing of prostitution compared to Merseyside model

Jackie Summerford, Ruth Jacobs & Alex Bryce
London, United Kingdom

Jan 17, 2014 — A BBC1 documentary investigating a Kent Police scheme to help women leave the sex trade showed it had actually caused the women harm and was a "political PR stunt" according to public servants associated with the scheme. The documentary also shows the Merseyside model approach which leads the country.

It is horrific outcomes such as this from poor police strategies that do not involve sex work projects and are not concerned with the interests of people working on-street, but instead gentrification, that demonstrate the urgent need for the life-saving Merseyside model to be made law so every police force can protect people selling sex and keep all of society safer by convicting more rapists and other violent criminals.

The documentary can be watched on iPlayer from 16:16 mins here:

BBC One - Inside Out South East, 13/01/2014
BBC One - Inside Out South East, 13/01/2014
Why violent crimes against sex workers are going unpunished, and Kent and Sussex floods.