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I am requesting a public enquiry with regards to the proposed entrance to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Auckley. The Wildlife Park have put forward plans for a new entrance that have been accepted. I believe alongside majority of the village that the proposed entrance will be detrimental to both the safety of children walking to and from school and the increase of traffic pollution in the village will be immense. The safety of vehicles will be compromised by the increase in traffic and many fear that at peak times the village will become a standing car park and be grid locked. Several people have been injured surrounding that particular bridge before with one resulting in life changing injuries. This is sure to happen again on a much greater scale if action is not taken now. 

The proposed access on Hurst Lane is between the narrow hump back railway bridge, and the quarry. Hurst Lane is a country lane ,and is already a much over-used road.

* Airport traffic.

* Employees at the business parks.

* 5 Schools.

* Finningley scout hut.

* HGVs for the Quarry

* Hayfield Lakes

* Bus Routes

* Residents

The Hurst Lane crossroads with Mosham Road are used by children attending Hayfield and Auckley school, and patients for the surgery also traffic to the local shops.

The volume of traffic trying to turn onto or off Hurst Lane creates a gridlock . A bus journey at 8,40 am recently took 45 minutes to get from Hayfield Lane to Mosham Rd. Outside of school/business hours , its 3 -4 minutes.

Hurst Lane and Hayfield Lane are hotspots for speeding. The railway bridge and pavements are too narrow, making it scary to walk over even for adults. It's a blind spot for oncoming traffic. The bridge is metres away from the school entrance, the flats, and the proposed new entrance. High volumes of children use this bridge every day.

Unfortunately, in December, there were 2 serious RTAs in front of Hayfield school, the school desperately needs the pedestrian crossing for the children, not when the money can be found, not when the work can be scheduled in, but now. The school will be extending year on year causing additional pressure on the local roads and parking.

The junction of Hurst Lane and Bawtry Road has an accident what seems to be every week.

When the roads are gridlocked, businesses will suffer. Patrons will not be able to access the Village shops, Friery and pub.  As a community we feel there are many considerations and surveys which are a necessity and should have been carried out prior to approval having being given. Reconsideration of an access road off the new FARRS road should be looked at again as it would reduce journey times, allowing visitors to spend more time and money in the park. It would reduce the impact of  noise and air pollution to the local community.

If the cost of building a bridge over the railway line are too high, conduct a feasibility study for a link road off the FARRS road to a car park and provide a shuttle service or pedestrian walkway over the railway line. Cheaper still, promote the park and ride and have a wildlife park shuttle service.

A full traffic survey at key sites on Hurst Lane in term-time at peak times for school and work traffic should have been conducted, Mott MacDonald carried out their survey mid-morning in school holidays. This isn't an accurate assessment of the problems the community faces.

Installation of a pedestrian crossing at Lidgett corner as a matter of urgency. A survey by Network Rail assessing the bridges strength and ability to support a high volume of standing traffic. Installation of public safety railing on the bridge should also have  been considered  as a matter of urgency.  Installation of Speed Cameras and restrictions along Hurst Lane and Hayfield Lane. Installation of the pedestrian crossing for Hayfield School to be expedited and  the Senior Officers and Members of the Planning Committee should have been to walk over the bridge and visit the site in front of Hayfield School, Hayfield Lane Primary and the New College in term time at the peak times. (8:30-9:15,3:00-4:00pm,4:20-6pm) to experience first- hand how bad these areas are, this they have not done.

A full and fair consultation with all residents in Auckley - as this impacts them the most, should have been carried out but it has not. The Wildlife Park  have 463 signatures in favour of change, and how many just signed because they were asked and not knowing what they were signing for- how many of those were Auckley residents, and daily use of Hurst Lane ? An online petition by Auckley residents has 584 signatures, and that's just those who saw it through Facebook but that was not even mentioned as an objection. It was another example of our and our childrens safety being of no importance.

Full Consultation with Emergency Services, The Airport and Emergency Services, as not if, but when the local network is gridlocked, the residents of the former camp will effectively be marooned and the emergency services will not be able to access property or residents or the Airport in the event of any security incidents or accidents. The consequence of which will be catastrophic.

If you wish to view the official planning application that was approved then take a look on Doncaster MBC planning application 17/02189/OUTA

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