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To make it illegal to remove naturally fallen leaves from under trees in autumn.

To stop ALL UK councils and people, via a new government policy, from removing the leaves that fall in the autumn, from under ALL UK trees.

It is the natural main annual food supply to our trees and the trees are starving due to the leaves removal not allowing natural decomposition which supply the trees annual natural nutrient supply. This only happens once a year! they only get fed once per year via this natural system, yet humans, via removal of the leaves, have alter this to such a degree the trees are all starving and dying! we need them so humans can survive! To clean our air, so we can breath and live healthier lives and also for environmental sustainability, for the welfare of our health and for the welfare of all the animals and organisms that rely on them. 

LET THEM FALL WHERE THEY MAY! Do not remove the leaves from under any trees, unless the leaves blow onto a public road or pavement which makes them slippery. Please allow nature to do its job! 

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