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Call to end all IPP Sentences where tariffs have been served and Parole Ishuba Salmon

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An IPP sentence (Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection), is a sentence which gives an minimum tariff but does not give the right to automatic parole once the tariff has been completed, owing to a change in legislation under to section 225 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, by the then Home Secretary David Blunkett.

These sentences only give serious consideration for Parole  once the probation service is satisfied that the inmate has completed various educational courses as a part of their rehabilitation programme and the probation service are of the view that the person is no longer a threat to society.

However, following a ruling in 2012 by the European Court of Human Rights which found that some inmates rights were being effected under Article 5.1. The Court found that although the sentences were legal, their administration in terms of the availability of courses being very limited and an extensive waiting list in many cases was in contravention of their human rights.

These sentences were subsequently abolished by Chris Grayling 2012.

However, despite this various cases are now which are now  being brought to light that many inmates have completed double or even triple their tariffs and despite completing all of the agreed courses they are still in Prison with no sign of Parole.

Many have raised issues as to whether or not these matters are being handled in an objective or subjective matter.

Further concerns  have been raised recently regarding the various aspects of the Criminal Justice System and it disproportionalities, particularly with the African & Caribbean Community.

It must be made clear this is not a challenge to the original sentences, however, it is the complete administration of these abolished sentences which is being called into question as clearly, there are implications under the European Convention of Human Rights , taking into account the length of many sentences (tariffs) which on average I understand were between two and six years.

Ishuba Salmon one such inmate was sentenced to a tariff of  4 years 4 months in 2006 and is still behind bars today, almost 10 years later for 'conspiracy to rob'.

Ishuba's father has stated " that once hanging was abolished, no further hangings took place so why is this sentence still be administered by the Department of Justice, this is totally wrong."

Please have a look at this video about Ishuba's Case.

"This Petition calls upon the Justice Secretary  The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP to review and  completely scrap all IPP sentences and to release all inmates who have completed their tariffs."

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