A call to parliament to pass a law for better welfare standards for care of seized dogs

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A call on the UK parliament to pass a law to have better welfare standards for the care of seized dogs.

Tyson was accidentally SET ON FIRE by the police using incorrect equipment when seized, causing injuries to his neck, ear and face. Whilst only a 17-year-old-girl was present.

Full story via link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1477849155671187/permalink/1902713673184731/

Who are we? We are Rocky’s Army Fighting BSL & DDA. We are a group of volunteers who advise and support owners whose dogs are seized by Police for being accused of injuring people or those suspected as being a banned breed.


·        Better Training of Dog Handlers and the Use of Equipment.

·        Seizures When Only A Minor Is Present.

·        Regular Vet Checks and Compulsory Welfare of Seized Dogs.

·        Updates of Seized Dogs to Their Owners.