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No More Compulsory Expensive School Uniform!

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Nationwide parents are struggling to afford to purchase the uniform for thier children to attend secondary schools. A competitive trend has developed in and amongst secondary schools whereby the school uniform items now include blazers, exclusively designed shirts, jumpers rather than sweatshirts that have a particular design that cannot be simulated with cheaper supermarket items, PE kits with logos including PE socks exclusively designed for the school, that are all priced in line with their exclusivity. In the recent past, secondary school uniforms consisted of a sweatshirt and polo shirt of the correct colour only, these items could be purchased from supermarkets very cheaply, all families could afford them, now families are getting into debt to afford the current, so called smarter and compulsory, however cheap looking uniform items. The uniforms are no smarter than previously in actual fact, as they are cheaply made and usually foreign imports, the children attend school looking like they are wearing a cheap supermarket suit. There is no benefit to the school other than profitting from the sales of these compulsory clothing items. The children will always walk home with shirts hanging out and behaving the same manner that affects the image of each school within their local environment whether they are wearing a sweatshirt and white polo or a cheaply made and over priced blazer or not. However, the real negative impact of this current uniform craze is increased poverty and crime. Students at secondary schools are having their expensive uniform stolen by other students, times have reached an all time low when children are expected by their parents to steal uniform in order to be able to wear what is compulsory in order to be taught at that school. The power of the governors is too great in respect of this matter, governors should be stripped of their power to make the decision on uniform that consists of expensive items; such as school designed pin striped shirts, blazers, logo shorts and specific to the school jumpers etc. They are creating stress in their community, theft in their schools/colleges, resentment amongst children and debt amongst parents. Please end this current staus quo, return it to sweatshirts and polos and allow supermarket alternatives to always be possible without the pupil breaking unform rules and bring ease to our communities nationwide.


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