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Limit homework for children to just reading

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Depression anxiety and mental health issues are on the rise and there has been evidence to suggest that the pressure from schools is partly the cause.

All children especially those with dyslexia and additional support needs are struggling.

They live in a world where they have no down time, no chance to unwind or just be children. They are under increasing pressure to study harder and work harder in school but then their day does not end there, they are then required to come home and do more. I fully support reading homework but endless maths and science homework etc. is just simply not necessary or fair.

Adults go to work and work a shift afterwards most adults get to go home and switch off and do their own things so why shouldn't children be given this right too.

I understand at GCSE level so year 10 and 11 revision homework is essential but until then they should be able to cover the curriculum during the day that is after all isn't that why we send our children to school?

For children who already find school work challenging and require additional help this puts a huge strain on the child's family and if the family do not understand the work and curriculum how is the child going to learn the right way and access the right support and assistance. Surly that's why the primary teachers of children regarding curriculum should be the ones who are qualified to do this and based at their school.


I ask that you strongly consider the impact on families, children's self esteem and over all mental health along with the pressure we are putting on our future generation. Mental health issues from stressed children will not only destroy families and innocent children's lives it will hugely impact on our healthcare system and NHS

I please ask you think of the pressure these children are under lets make a change let children be children again. its not a lot to ask giving them free time after school and weekends.


lets put in some legislation that protects children from homework until GCSE level excluding reading.



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