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Frank Bruno Is Not Depressed

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How Depression & Mental Health Problems Threatens the National Health Service. It's quite often claimed that 1 in 4 of the population will suffer from depression or mental illness. That's approximately 17 million patients. If that ever happens, that will be the end of the NHS as we know it. Few days ago, a major political party was calling for one billion pounds to be invested in the NHS immediately, that's on top of the hundreds of millions already allocated. Our attitude to depression and mental illness is completely wrong, because it is a policy of 'Surrender'. We find it rather too easy to surrender even if we are not ill.

Depression and mental illness is now readily used as a convenient excuse for many of life's little difficulties. In a vast majority of cases, alleged 'depression' or 'Mental Illness' is simply not a medical problem requiring medication or even counseling. What you've got is a management problem, ie, a problem in personal life management. You don't need to hire a manager either.

Frank Bruno has often been used as the reluctant 'poster-boy' for depression and mental illness. He went through a bad patch, but don't we all? Handled differently, Frank Bruno's story would have come out differently, instead he was compelled to go down the medication route. We aim to produce a documentary that will refocus minds, especially the minds of those who from time to time find themselves on the brink of mental upheavals. If you are not ill yet you allow yourself to be treated for a phantom illness, you won't get better. You will get worse because you have failed to address your real problems or issues.

It will be catastrophic for the NHS if it were to allow itself to be overwhelmed by a Tsunami of pseudo-patients, ie, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people who think that they are sick or who have been persuaded to believe that they have a medical problem but who are not. Up until now, all attempts to refocus people away from inappropriate and unwarranted medical intervention has been described as 'stigmatisation' of depression or mental illness. It isn't. It is basic commonsense and it works. Imagine where we would all be if the NHS capacity to treat flu, various cancers, diabetes, heart and liver problems, ante-natal care for new mothers and babies is impaired by an NHS that already seems to be under enormous pressure

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Our direction of travel vis-a-vis solution for real or imagined depression and mental health problems will cost less than £1 for every One hundred pounds spent by the NHS to deal with depression and mental health.In addition to this petition, we have also set up a fundraiser in order to ensure that this groundbreaking documentary is made, no matter what.  We want to get the Secretary of State to devote resources to alternative approaches to mental health care that will cost peanuts and save the NHS billions. This is not about saving money. it is about doing the right thing that is extremely effective and already works for more than 95% of the citizens of the World. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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