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Guarantee UK import bans on seal products, dog and cat fur in post-Brexit trade deals

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Under EU legislation, fur from seals, cats and dogs is banned but with Brexit around the corner, that could be under threat and we’re calling for the UK government to guarantee they will keep this in place.

Each year, in early Spring, harp seals migrate south to the east coast of Canada to give birth to their pups, where the hunters cruelly kill them as they lie helpless. Seal pups between 3 weeks and 3 months of age are brutally shot, clubbed and skinned. Their carcasses are left to rot on the ice or dumped into the ocean. 

Cats and dogs across the world also face brutality to meet the demand for fur coats, gloves, shoes, blankets, and stuffed animals. 10 adult coats are needed to make just one fur coat.

Reports say that, under the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ this legislation will become British law, but it is possible Parliament will repeal or amend the measures if it choses to for trade. I am campaigning to make sure this doesn’t happen.

79 percent of UK residents believe that the annual Canadian seal hunt should be stopped and a similar percentage support the ban on the import of dog and cat fur. [1]

Respect for Animals are experts who have been lobbying on this issue -- I volunteer with them every week to protect animals. I am proud that  hey are backing me with this campaign.

We call on the UK government to guarantee that post Brexit, the EU bans on imports of commercial seal products and dog and cat fur (banned throughout the EU since 2006), will remain in place in the UK and be non-negotiable in future trade deals

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[1] Respect for Animals - Stop the Seal Hunt

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