"Revitalising young minds, a reason to live."

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To change this country we need to revitalize the young minds. A revolution of the mind, body and soul of our future leaders is what is needed for us to have a bright future. We need to disabuse the young mind,so the can think right, act right and stand for the truth. We will never experience change if they grow up in chaos, corruption and insecurity. Simply because this unstable minds in the next ten,twenty to fifty years will be at the hem of affairs repeating the same mistakes they grew up witnessing.

We can stop this by giving them a chance to be educated, and not just educated but impacted with morals, values and ethics that would lead to a better tomorrow. Let's reach out to those children and teenagers in villages, towns,cities,ghettos, and watch this country grow in the next ten, twenty to fifty years. Let's join hands to Revitalize the Young Minds and put a smile on there faces.


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