‘Loosen the Noose’ - free up teachers to deliver creative, active learning

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We are a group of teachers and teaching assistants, near the end of our careers. We notice that this year, the expected summer term ‘burn-out’ is not the whole story. We are hearing such tales of despair and woe, we sense colleagues are truly at breaking point. That’s why we are calling on education experts to support our calls for change.

Those who despair the most have, like us, years of experience and a wide range of skills to draw on. They talk of being treated like robots, throttled by targets and an ever-more-rigid timetable. Why can they not be given freedom, to invent and deliver more creative solutions to the major problems young people face today? 

For the past three years we have been testing alternative CRACKLE (Creative Active Learning) approaches, using them to tackle obesity, poor mental health and a wide range of declining standards (such as were set out in The Key Report 2016). We now have a bank of evidence in films and research reports, to prove what impressive results can be achieved through CRACKLE style lessons.

Give us a Green Light and you will be amazed by the ingenuity of solutions we come up with. From tray bakes to tapestries, poems and plays, to giant working models on the field, they will all blaze and crackle with positive energy and achieve deep learning.

In our case there is always the extra R, for Rhythm. This is because it has proved so effective for factual recall, acting as a connection between different centres in the brain. This is hugely important for raising academic standards. If you have a moment, take a look at this short extract from our collection of hundreds of films and see the joyful teamwork in action ..


Describing TELL THE TIME BLUES DANCE, the Head Teacher said, 'The CRACKLE activities provided a light relief and support for what is increasingly a tight school curriculum. They helped us to tackle some notoriously tricky topics through a more creative route. Some of our least confident pupils were able to access the activities, so we have seen some very positive impacts'.   

Teachers need this change; children and parents need it too. If you agree then please sign this petition without delay and share with others. Also, we would welcome your comments for the CRACKLE Blog that will kick off in September. Send your contributions by email to signup@rhythmic-learning.co.uk

 Happy Summer Holiday! THANK YOU.