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Order a Public Inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams Project

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The Edinburgh Trams Project was meant to deliver three new public transport routes across the City.  Instead, for an "official" budget of £776 Million, the City only managed to build one.

Unfortunately, The Edinburgh Trams Project was fraught with maladministration, delays and overspends.  The circumstances of which were all kept secret and away from public view.

Additionally, at a time when both the City of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Government were pushing through cuts to essential public services - used by the most vulnerable - public money continued to be allocated to the Edinburgh Trams project.

The cost of the Edinburgh Trams Project works out at around £1800 for every resident of the city.   

During construction, the City Centre and the peripheral areas became a building site, lasting for over 6 six years.

The residents and businesses of Leith endured heavy disruption in particular.  But as a direct consequence of the maladministration, don’t have the Tram line they were promised. 

Politicians and public officials have consistently resisted calls for full disclosure of the Edinburgh Trams project finances and administration.  This lack of accountability and lack of transparency has infuriated the public.   

In June 2011, and as a result of growing public pressure, Kezia Dugdale MSP for the Lothian region, challenged Alex Salmond MSP, the First Minister of Scotland, to convene a public inquiry. 

Alex Salmond agreed that a Public Inquiry would be "an excellent thing to do" but to date, has done nothing to follow through.

The Transport Minister, Keith Brown MSP, also stated in writing on the 14 October 2011 that the Scottish Government will be "delighted to have a public inquiry into the problems surrounding this [edinburgh trams] project" and would do so when "the full circumstances could be examined"

The Citizens of Edinburgh and of Scotland have the right to ask questions of their politicians and public officials. The public also the right to a full count and reckoning concerning the project as a whole. 

The £776 Million spent has to be properly accounted for.

Lessons also have to be learned concerning how large scale, public infrastructure projects of this type are procured, managed and audited for public value.

The public, having endured cuts to their essential public services, rightly expect nothing less. 

If lessons are not learned from the Edinburgh Trams Project, there is a real risk that we will all pay the price again in the future.

The Tram Line opens on Saturday 31st May 2014.

The circumstances are now right, there can be no further excuse for delay.

It’s now time for the Public Inquiry. 

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