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TRAI: Don't allow differential pricing of services on the Internet. Let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet. #netneutrality

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Until now, you and I could use the internet data we paid for, to do anything on the internet. If telephone companies get their way, they will dictate what, how and when to browse the internet. And this could happen very soon. This is really scary!

As you are reading this, mobile operators like Vodafone, Airtel Idea are trying to pressurise the Indian government to regulate certain Apps and services like Whatsapp, Youtube, Skype etc. This means that we will be charged separately for using them even if we have paid for the internet data packs. Together we can stop this.

Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) is the only body which has the power to settle this issue once and for all. TRAI is coming up with a consultation paper by the end of February that can decide the fate of internet usage in India. This is about the internet which has become such an integral part of our lives and its time to make our voices heard.

I started this petition so that TRAI knows that you and I don’t want the internet to be controlled by these big corporates. I want TRAI to put people’s interest first. Sign my petition and ask TRAI to not allow differential pricing of services on the Internet and let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet.

If thousands sign my petition, we will make waves in social media and media. This will ensure that TRAI knows that there is growing public pressure on this issue. We will also reach out to TRAI directly. Together,  I am sure we can make TRAI come up with strict guidelines that are customer friendly and impose them on all mobile phone operators.

The big companies say they have invested a lot of money in setting up internet infrastructure and they must get a share of the earning that Internet firms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc generate. But the truth is that all of these companies have a huge profit margin that customers like you and I pay for. They must not charge us more for increasing their profit margins.

Sign my petition and let TRAI know that we all stand together against these big corporate giants and their vested interests. Also share it with your family and friends so that we have thousands of Indians demand from TRAI to place  interest of the public first and NOT huge corporations.

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