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Vehicles to stop if they hit/ run over a cat!

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It has recently come to my attention that more and more cats are being knocked down and being left for dead on the roadside. 

Within the last 6 month I have experienced 2 cats running out in front of my vehicle, luckily I was able to brake in time and not hit them. I have also whitnessed a cat being run over with my own eyes as I was driving down a country road late at night. The driver who hit this cat did not stop, however I did so, and found the cat had died suddenly from the impact of the hit. I was devastated that someone could be so inhumane and leave a poor innocent animal; someone's pet on the road for dead. I moved the animal out of the road and attempted to find the owner of the animal, I found that the cat did in fact belong to a farm owner, and they was devastated however so great-full that I had notified them on their pets death, as they would of been worried all night if their cat suddenly didn't return home and was missing. 

Another incident I have experienced was yesterday. My own cat (tigger) who I have only had a few months had been knocked down, and again left for dead by the person who had knocked him down. However someone like me who whitnessed the incident was good enough to stop and move him out of the road, and stay with him as he passed away. Tigger was such a jolly little thing with his own little character, he loved the outdoors however still being young wasnt aware of the dangers of roads. He was not a cat who you could keep inside, full of energy and always wanting to go out exploring. However this come with consequences and resulted in tigger being knocked down. The thing that devastated me the most was the person who knocked tigger down, not stopping to see if he was okay, he could of just been injured and need treatment which would of saved his life, also I was not notified straight away I had to find out myself through social media a day to late!!! If only someone would of notified me of this the same day I wouldn't of been searching frantically for tigger all day, and it would of put my mind at rest. 

I am aware of the law, and that you must stop and report an accident to the police if you hit any animal such as: dogs, horses, cattle, cows, pigs and goats. If furiates me that cats, the second most kept domestic animal is not on this list !! I can not come to terms with why this has not been changed. I believe if you hit any animal, you should stop and report this to your local police station, and animal welfare centre so they can act straight away, maybe save the animals life, and take the right action such as checking if the animal is chipped so that the owner can be notified straight away! It's just inhumane that such domestic animals are still being left for dead on the road side. 

In memory of Tigger I want change!! Even if this gets the message across to others that if you believe that you have hit a domestic animal (someones pet) the right thing , the humane thing to do would be to stop! 'The tigger law' in memory of This little fella x

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