To make dog walkers more regulated

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After our beloved dog Bella the Boxer was mistreated by a trusted dog walker, we caught her on camera harming her. I feel that dog walkers need to be more regulated, have checks and for people to do back ground checks on them we need to know if they have ever been in trouble with animals. This shows you cant put your trust in people as this is how it turns out. Need to keep our dogs safe to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. We are their voice we have to protect them and speak up for them. There will be owners out there that has no idea what is going on with their dogs whilst in the care of dog walkers who are paid to do a job. There is some genuine dog walkers out there who do the job because they care and are pasdionate about the dogs they look after, where as for some its just about the money not about the dogs wellbeing. Its the ones like that, that we need to be careful of if someone can mistreat a dog on camera and get caught what an earth are they doing when you cant see them?