Decision Maker Response

Cheltenham Borough Council Licensing Committee’s response

Cheltenham Borough Council Licensing Committee
Cheltenham council

Jan 20, 2019 — We currently believe that this is a matter for Tewkesbury Borough Council's Licensing Enforcement Team and for Gloucestershire County Council's Trading Standards Team to investigate in partnership with the RSPCA. We are making enquiries with the BBC Watchdog programme to seek to identify the exact location where these events are alleged to have occurred. Once the correct investigating and enforcement authorities have been identified, the matter will be referred to them for investigation. To avoid political interference in enforcement matters, and the potential abuses that could occur, enforcement is performed by employees of the council, not by elected councillors.
Although Bishop's Cleeve is listed by Royal Mail as being in the Post Town of Cheltenham, it is within the municipal boundary of Tewkesbury Borough Council. This may mean that the wrong decision-making body is being asked to act upon this petition.
Once the situation has been clarified, we will try to provide an update with details of the correct enforcing authorities to contact.