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Stop Betraying Animals

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If dogs or cats were being cooked on the RSPCA's BBQ, would the hypocrisy be any more obvious?

The RSPCA promote themselves as being for ALL creatures great and small, yet they don't hesitate to have animals killed to raise money for other animals. Every year the RSPCA hosts the Million Paws Walk and every year they serve up the slaughtered bodies and by-products of animals who lived miserable lives in filthy conditions.

It gets worse – the RSPCA is in business with these slaughter industries. They receive royalties as part of their “RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme”. This means that the only animal protection organisation that has legal powers to prosecute animal cruelty is receiving money from the industries they are supposed to police – a clear conflict of interest.

Animal Liberation Victoria conducted a 14-month investigation at an RSPCA approved facility and documented pigs living chest deep in their own excrement and suffering from various injuries and illnesses including pneumonia, broken legs, testicular hernias and necrotic wounds. Instead of prosecuting the facility, the RSPCA continued to accept payments from those abusing the pigs (visit for further information).

The animals people eat are no different to those we call our friends. Whether they are cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, dogs, cats or rabbits, they all have the capacity to feel joy, sadness and pain. They all have an interest in living, and they all fear death.

Please tell the RSPCA it’s time to end the hypocrisy. We petition all state RSPCA organisations and RSPCA Australia to stop selling animal products at their events and to get out of business with animal abusers. There is no excuse for this when delicious animal free sausages and burgers are readily available. It is time for the RSPCA to start protecting ALL creatures great and small.

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