Prosecute Kurt Zouma ( West Ham FC) for cat cruelty

Prosecute Kurt Zouma ( West Ham FC) for cat cruelty

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Started by Sarah Hanna

A blatant videoed abuse of an animal by a figure in the public eye - Kurt Zouma (West FC player) is bad enough, but in front of his own child shows a lack of care not only for the poor animal but also his own child who could be either scared by the trauma or thinks it is the done thing to kick an animal. This is abuse on many levels and not the example a father, never mind a prominent football player should encourage.

Figures in the public eye are not above prosecution and should answer for their actions. They should not be able to hide behind their organisation or so called fame to get away with cruelty on such an obvious scale. 

Time and time again, animal cruelty goes unchecked and the perpetrator, having got away with it, continues the cruelty possibly moving from the animal to humans as well.

I would like to send this petition to the RSPCA as the organisation with the power to initiate prosecutions or reinvestigate so called no action cases. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for the RSPCA to reopen and prosecute Kurt Zouma for the cruelty to his cat and the fact it took place front of a minor. His status as a football player is NOT a 'get out of jail' card to avoid prosecution for causing trauma to an animal and possibly his own child.

One off actions are never one offs, Kurt Zouma must pay for his crime, and show that animal abuse is NOT ever acceptable.

428 have signed. Let’s get to 500!