Stop the Violence & Killings of Our Last KANGAROOS

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Now that the laws in NSW have changed regarding no permits needed to shoot Kangaroos, and due to the current drought, anyone can now kill, shoot, run over, inflict pain, shoot arrows at, trap and bludgeon to death our Kangaroos. 

We want a full ban on all shootings/cullings of our Kangaroos in NSW.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CLEAR SHOT TO THE HEAD  and some shooters are now seeing what is happening and becoming Kangaroo defenders.


We are pushing them out from their habitat and we have not learn't how to co- habitat with the wildlife here.

The violence has escalated towards the KANGAROOS in the last decade. When any animal is deemed a "pest" and where people are calling and regarding them as "plagues”, it opens up a flood gate of people with violent tendencies to do whatever they want. Consequently, the KANAGROOS are at risk of violence and are experiencing torture and horrendous deaths.

There are stories circulating that anyone can go to a farmer’s property and carry out weekend shootings without any permits. This is a free for all for trophy hunters and it's a shooter’s paradise right now in NSW.

Our KANGAROOS are at risk of dying out in some areas; they are NOT in plague proportions, there is no scientific evidence to back any claims that they are in the "40 millions" and there is actually no effective way of counting kangaroos. 

KANGAROOS are disappearing in many areas. Many inexperienced shooters are taking out Alpha males, lactating females with joeys,  this has a huge effect on their mortality rates. Most of the remaining "ghost populations" have Myopathy. Ecologists are concerned that their gene pools are at risk, as right now they have too much stress to contend with. During drought they are unable to breed well because of the lack of nutrition. Some roos will also kick their joeys out to survive.

Instead of killing them, why are we not saving them? Lets relocate them, bring them water/ food. What is happening right now is absolutely beyond cruel. It is barbaric! We only think our about our human needs on this land. How insensitive have we become.

Australians have demonized the kangaroos for far too long. We have an international reputation as "rough tough hard bogans" and have the highest rates of wildlife habitat destruction worldwide. This is totally unacceptable. We only have one Sanctuary where you can walk amongst kangaroos and have them come up to you, that is Currumbin Sanctuary in QLD! Nothing in NSW. Let’s have more of these - this helps with employment, educates our people, and entertains our visitors. 

Why are you - RSPCA NSW & The Minister of Environment Gabrielle Upton - not doing anything to stop the killings of these animals? Why are you not making any attempt or being a Voice for these animlas...We demand that you RSPCA; stand up to the NSW Government and oppose these laws. We want a full ban on the killing of any Kangaroo in NSW, we want them to be fully protected and have  it declared and known, that ALL KANGAROOS  are at risk. NONE OF THEM ARE A PLAGUE OR A PEST!

Humans almost wiped out the Koala's. Early 1800's they too thought that there were too many koalas. Koalas now have so many diseases, when animals are constantly feeling under threat, their gene pools are at risk of change. THIS IS UNDER OUR WATCH 2018...Stop this madness now. And please save our KANGAROOS