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Stop The Abuse There's No Excuse

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Animals get abused left, right, and centre. They have horrible lives. 25,000 animals die via animal abuse worldwide, This Needs To Stop Now! Animals have feelings and if we keep up the abuse then there'll be less animals out there to keep as a pet! Vegans are people who don't eat meat or any animal products most of them don't like animal abuse. 

Now, with "Deadly Animals" like Spiders, or snakes. Everyone calls people who kill these animals if they find them in there house or around there house, what you'd  need to do is control the situation. Most of the time this animal doesn't want to hurt you in any way and it's just lost or hunting. You should just (If it's a spider) try to catch it in a jar to release the creepy crawly. If it's a snake then you should call somebody BUT NOT AN EXTERMINATOR call a professional who knows how to catch animals and release them! I don't believe in bug sprays even though my parents use them. If you find these sorts of animals in the wild you should admire them from a distance chances are that they'd feel threatened by you. If you are planning on free-handling an animal that people consider deadly then I suggest you make sure to identify it to make sure it cannot harm you in any way. If you need help identifying animals I strongly suggest that you check out "Brave Wilderness" on YouTube (I do not know them in real life, they happen to be really good at there job so I suggest you watch him).

Now. The reason I am making this petition is because I need to prevent animal abuse across Australia so I can make animals have nice lives. Sign this petition and we will stop the abuse!

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