Shut down Gates of Eden Pet Shop

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This pet shop is allowed to operate with their animals kept in inadequate conditions. They are kept in tiny cages without adequate food and water. 

There are tiny puppies of many different breeds kept in tiny newspaper filled cages together leading to the impression (although not confirmed) that they are not being ethically sourced and are most likely coming from a puppy farm. 

Birds are being kept in tiny dirty cages, some out in a tin shed that gets to ridiculous temperatures. Some birds have even pulled out their own feathers due to the stress of their conditions. 

There was also a metal cage with a puppy and kitten inside, they had no food or water and no solid ground under their feet

Not only is their physical health being neglected but also their mental health, the animals are kept with little to no mental stimulation e.g. toys or regular human interaction during the day

These conditions are not acceptable at all and although the shop has been reported many times, nothing has been done about it. Hopefully if enough people back this petition the RSPCA will be required to take action.

Please sign and share around so we can end the suffering for these poor animals