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No Animal Abuse in Australia

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I want to stop all animal abuse in Australia. If we stop all the cruelty to animals in Australia it would make Australia a much better place to live, and will encourage people to be less violent. Some other reasons to stop the cruelty are:

The RSPCA is committed to helping animals in need through the state-based Inspectorate services. Every year, the RSPCA employs over 100 Inspectors and their job is to report animal cruelty in Australia. Just those 100 inspectors get 50 000 reports of animal mistreatment a year! Sadly, it costs up to $100 000 a year for each inspector to do their job. While the RSPCA can hardly afford to keep these existing Inspectors, we still require more. We need to stop the animal cruelty because we can’t afford to keep hiring more Inspectors to save the animals.

Performing experiments on animals to help cure diseases is not only ineffective, but causes harm and sometimes the life of innocent animals. Many tests for human disease cures, like heart disease and many types of cancer, in animals are unsuccessful. Even the small portion of the 115 million tests a year that look ‘promising’ turn out to fail when used on humans. Not only is this a waste of money, time and animal life, some harmful treatments are getting through.

Dog fighting is an illegal sport where dogs are forced to fight each other for the entertainment and profit of others. The dog fights usually take place on beaches or in bushland, during the night, away from the eyes of people walking by. This is where thousands of dollars change hands over which dog survives. The owners of the dogs even administer steroids through their dogs to get them pumped up for a fight. The fighting of dogs is not only illegal, but dangerous and cruel to the animals.

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