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Help Me Get My Cat Back

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On Monday 1st of May I moved out of my mothers home to stay with my dad. I was unfortunately prevented from bringing my cat, Tails, with me in the process of leaving.

Tails is a white and ginger tabby cat who loves attention and playing. He's only 1 and very small. He is not safe in the house he resides in as he's under constant threat of physical and verbal abuse. My mother has hit him in the past for peeing at the front door, yelled at him, thrown things at him, and encouraged young kids who don't know better to hit/kick him. He has been neglected for most of his life by the residents in that house due to him having fleas. He doesn't get treatment for the fleas due to my mother being too lazy to bring him to the vets. My brother, who also lives in the house, has kicked Tails down the stairs for simply relaxing. He sometimes hunts him down in the house so he can beat him for nothing.

I have had to lie on multiple occasions to my mother that I have hit him so he doesn't get hit by them for peeing at the front door. They like to use the excuse that I used to play rough with him as a means to hit him and scream at him.

My mother has said to me in the past that Tails is mine, yet wouldn't let me bring him with me to my dads. She has admitted to me that despite hating him, she only keeps him because she had "rats" a few years back. Tails had accidentally fallen off the balcony one morning and when looking for him, she said to me that she hoped he had run away. She doesn't love him, and nor does my brother. Tails is in danger staying in that horrid place. He's under constant threat of abuse for the simplest and most normal things.

I haven't got much power into getting him back and protecting him, which is why I'm making this petition. I hope to get enough signatures to get the RSPCA's attention and bring my soft baby back to me. Please share this with friends and family, maybe even strangers. I'm desperate to get my cat back and keep him in a loving and healthy environment. I really hope this helps.

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