Get MagnaRep's animals back from the RSPCA.

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On Wednesday the Police and RSPCA shut down the MagnaRep exotic animal rescue centre and seized all of the animals.
The RSPCA handled these animals very roughly and inhumanely. One of them tried to carry a very big boa constrictor by himself and ended up dropping her and one of the tortoises was placed on its back so it couldn't move (what they didn't know is tortoises cannot breath when on their back).

I can assure you that this place has never once mistreated an animal and there is someone constantly cleaning up. I can personally that this place cares fully about the animals because when one of my snakes was ill they sent an emergency vet to my house even though the store was closed.

The store has since re-opened however they only have a few products for sale and the managers are still fighting to get the animals back.
there is more information about the situation in the news article before.

Please consider signing this petition as the people of MagnaRep do very great work and I would hate to see it all go to waste just because somebody who didn't like the managers filed a false report against them.

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