Dogs for the Homeless.

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As a dog lover I believe that instead of putting dogs down that can’t find a home they should be given to the homeless as companions. Someone to motivate them to make a change in their lives.


Dog’s circumstances are unfair, they get older and people don’t want them anymore putting them in a situation where they’re put down for no reason. The homeless are a great idea to help these dogs and themselves. Having a dog can help the homeless learn some sort of responsibility that could potentially reduce the numbers in homelessness.


Instead of having poor animals be put down, they should have the homeless choose what dog they would like to be their best friend, we could either bring them to the pound to pick a dog, or bring a few dogs to them to let them choose with food included.  Not only could this help the animals we all love and adore, this could help the poor people struggling to survive during the week while we have a house to go home to.


To have this happen you could kindly volunteer at an animal or homeless shelter. It’s a good cause and good help a lot of people.


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