Make it illegal to feed other peoples horses

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This week I have shared two post in Facebook where a horse has been killed by well meaning passers by feeding them in appropriate foods, one of these was the most beautiful grey pony well know in Facebook posts for being ridden by his owner wearing incredibly beautiful and extravagant clothing, I’m devastated to hear of her loss today. Year in year out I see 100’s of posts from horse owners begging members of the public not to do this and asking for advice on how to word signs and how to stop this from happening, but repeatedly, members of the public ignore these signs and feed regardless because they think that bread, apples, carrots etc are ok, they are, in certain circumstances that only the owners will understand, unfortunately a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. Horses and donkeys have incredibly specialised and sensitive digestive systems. Lawnmower clippings ferment in the stomach and cause the stomach to rupture. Horses do not have the dietary enzymes to digest gluten in bread therefore large quantities simply block the intestines. Carrots and apples can cause horses and donkeys  to choke, many many plants found in nature are in fact poisonous but trusting equines will take them out of a humans hand and eat them. The list of unsuitable foods goes on and on and does not even begin to cover allergies and so on. As a horse enthusiast, I understand that non the wiser members of the public can easily feel sorry for horses in bare looking fields over winter and be tempted to ‘help out’. We’d like to make it as illegal to feed a horse you do not have permission to feed, as it is to park on double yellow lines. We implore members of the public who have concerns about a horses health or welfare to get in touch with the owners or the RSPCA or the BHS (British horse society) in the first instance and NOT to take matters into their own hands and feed animals they do not understand with devastating consequences. With the strength of the law behind horse owners, we can put up notices that are less likely to be ignored if doing so can result in a fine. I recommend a maximum fine of £2000 enforceable if caught feeding a horse without permission. The vet bills when treating a sick horse caused by inappropriate feeding can be astronomical. Please sign this petition.