Ban domestication of the Lesser Anteater

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The Tamandua Tetradactyla/ lesser anteater is a wild animal which many people are now deciding to keep as pets. This is a form of animal abuse as he anteater is not an animal suited to domestication; they need a wild environment, solitude and a mix of forestation, bodies of water and access to insect nests. 

The claws of a Tamandua tetradactyla are so thick and sharp that they could easily kill a human, many people choose to keep them as pets. They require a high level of care and access to a burrow. Due to their arboreal life style, they need to be able to climb trees of various heights and diameters for adequate exercise and muscle development. Their 33⁰c body temperature is unusually low for a mammal and so they require cold living conditions in captivity to prevent heat stroke.

All of these things paired with the large number of insects they feed on per day makes them animals which are far better suited to being left alone in the wild.


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