Ban Billy George from owning animals again

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This community has been saddened shocked and disgusted by recent events of a minature pony being abused on the streets. The tiny pony has been forced to pull grown men, and children on carrage made out of a wheelie bin. Not only was it made to do this a very long way, for many long hours, but also in scorching heat with no water or shelter. This will have been agonizing for this very small young pony, who the man had only owned for a couple of days. The small wheels will have made it even harder to pull, and very painful for it.  The pony eventually collapsed of exhaustion, and was rescued by the RSPCA, but only for the time being. We cannot let this pony go back to its cruel owner. He was seen beating the pony with chains and metal rods, and also punching it. The man also has other animals, one of which (a dog) was also tied to the bin and made to run along side in the unbearable heat from morning till night, 3 days on the run. Lots of footage has been sent to police and the RSPCA but we need more evidence to avoid this baby going back to a life of torture. Please sign this petition to help stop this evil man ever owning any animal again.