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Bureau of Land Management must start gelding all Kiger mustangs adopted to the public

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The Burns BLM has been adopting out Kiger mustangs as studs to back yard breeders for many years now. The result has been the general public picking up a male and female for the purpose of breeding and selling the offspring for a profit. The reality is they do not make the funds expected and then the Kiger mustangs are dumped at the sales yard ungentled or live the rest of their lives in isolation as most studs do. One other tragedy of this policy is the BLM has over 50,000 mustangs in holding pens because the domestic adoption market is soft due to the excess of horses in the domestic market. The BLM policy of adopting out mustangs as studs for breeding purposes makes their market for the mustangs in holding even more limited. The BLM has stated the reason needed for sending the long term mustangs to slaughter is a soft adoption market so adopting out studs for breeding in that market makes no sense. It hurts the chances of other mustangs finding homes in the domestic horse market. It would be like your local animal shelter euthanizing dogs and cats while still adopting out fertile dogs and cats to the public. To make matters worse the public that wanted to have their adopted Kiger mustangs gelded were obstructed in doing so because of policies the Burns BLM made to accommodate breeders. Examples would be adopters requiring shipping were not allowed gelding before the trucks shipped mustangs out east leaving them forced to adopt studs and pay for gelding themselves. The BLM did issue gelding vouchers but in no way were the vouchers enough to cover the gelding cost. People adopting directly from the facility in Burns were required to return at a later date and leave their mustang behind in order to get gelding. Once again this was done to make sure all the males were availible as stallions for breeders thus delaying the gelding for those that required it. In 2019 the BLM will once again be gathering the Kiger mustangs from the wild and it is up to the general public to send their concerns to the Burns BLM in care of Rob Sharp regarding the gelding of the Kiger Mustangs. 

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