Make Ms. Page Principal of Spicewood Elementary!

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Spicewood Elementary is preparing to hire a new principal for the upcoming school year (2018-2019) and beyond. We all want the best educators and administrators for our children, and this petition’s purpose is to garner support for Ms. Page to be hired in this role.

Ms. Page is an administrator who puts the needs of Spicewood’s diverse community first, while also successfully implementing district and school goals and policies. She is present in the school and knows each student by name. She cares about the children, the teachers, and the school as a whole, but equally as important, she cares about them as individuals. She exhibits the IB characteristics we are teaching our children daily in her interactions and decisions. 

While we respect the decision-making process of RRISD, we would feel remiss in not expressing our deep appreciation and respect for Ms. Page and what she brings to our school and children.

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