21 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

This petition titled “RPP DEMANDS PRESIDENT’S RULE IN NAGALAND” is aimed at bringing about a Change in the present Corrupted system in Nagaland.

For years the state is witness to systemic corruption, fiscal mismanagement, fraudulent withdrawals, misgovernance, non-development, misuse of public funds, etc., as pointed out by the CAG reports and NITI Aayog indices.  

A few, among the infinite number of corruptions are listed below projecting an idea of how the people of Nagaland are suffering under the UDA Coalition government.

·         Worst Performing State under 6 parameters (poverty, health, affordable energy, sustainable cities, industries and infrastructure) as per SDGI index of NITI Aayog 2021.

·         Worst Performing State as per State Energy and Climate index (SECI) as per NITI Aayog 2022. Nagaland ranks 33rd out of 35 states & UTs.

·         Perpetual deficit state budget with the latest being minus 2212.74 Crore for the year 2022-23.

·         Non-payment of salaries of 130,000 government employees, including Teachers, Police personnel, and national mission employees.

·         Fiscal irresponsibility as per the latest CAG Report including fraudulent withdrawals amounting to thousands of Crores in almost all the government departments.

·         Nagaland is presently the only state in India without a Medical college wherein the lone project implemented in the year 2014 is still incomplete after 9 long years.

·         Nagaland ranks as the Worst Performing State under the National Health Index 2019-20 (NITI Aayog)

·         Nagaland University is ranked as the worst in the NE region with scores in the151-200 band under National Institutional Ranking framework (NIRF).

·         Nagaland High Court building remains incomplete even after 15 years, and even after exorbitant amount has been sanctioned. Follow link for more details www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/cbi-asked-to-probe-nagaland-high-court-construction-scam/article23765093.ece/amp/

·         Non-implementation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) including schemes under NEC & DoNER. Or non-release/parking of CSS funds in Civil Deposit (CDs).

·         Non-completion and dilapidated condition of Infrastructural projects such as roads, schools etc.

·         Breakdown of Law & Order situation with increase in extortions, fuel adulteration and entrenchment of syndicate system in the economy.

·         Rise in international smuggling cases, particularly with Kohima and Dimapur area functioning as base of operations.

The aim of this petition is to collect at least 10,000 signatures and submit it to the Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi ji to take resolute action.

The imposition of President’s Rule in Nagaland is the only solution to the ills of fiscal mismanagement and systemic corruption plaguing the state under the present UDA Coalition government.

Time and again, the UDA coalition government has expressed their strong desire to step down and pave way for Solution. This is the right time for the Government of India to fulfill the wishes of the Coalition.

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Signatures: 3,445Next Goal: 5,000
Support now