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Reduction of homeless in Southampton city centre

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Southampton is attracting record numbers of homeless and professional beggars, they are littering the streets and shop doorways across the city and are responsible for an increase in threatening behaviour and social disorder toward other people simply passing through the area. This is especially acute when vulnerable groups are involved such as young women and the elderly.

A solution needs to be found to both reduce the attractiveness of Southampton as a destination for those without fixed accommodation and income while providing adequate and proactive schemes to help those who are genuinely in need and vulnerable members of society. This needs to come from a range of public and private bodies from the police, council and charities.

Schemes and policing are currently woefully inadequate and the cities reputation is suffering as a consequence. Policing budgets are at record lows and the social problems are currently being ignored and far from going away they are worsening. This has an impact on both residents and local business and as loss of trade occurs the money paid in tax for public services reduces only compounding the problem.


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