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Stop killing BEARS to adorn Royal Danish Guards

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Queen Margrethe  of England and Denmark  bears are being killed to adorn royal guard hats to protect royalty in six royal family monarchy's.

While Queen Elizabeth of England now is bowing to animal rights organizations' demands for more politically correct hats for guards in front of the castle, then Queen Margrethe has no intention to follow in the footsteps of her colleague. 

For although Queen Margrethe's New Year speech placed great emphasis on the environment and invited everyone to watch it so that our descendants would have something to inherit, so the interest does not include the Canadian black bears. 

They are hunted each year by hunters who shoot them and sell their fur for special customers around the world.

One of the clients are the Danish royal family, which since 1805 has used the fur to make hats to guard the castles. 

Originally, that they might appear larger than a potential enemy, while their function in most days are for the enjoyment of tourists at Amalienborg Square. 

And this will continue - despite the fact that it takes the coat from a great disservice to create the high bearskin hats who guard suffers in summer heat. 

- Do you take hold of the Life Guards. It is their decision, the court said information manager Lene Balleby to flash!. 

One bear per. hat 
From the Life Guards hand, there are no signs that the Canadian bear can look forward to more peaceful times. For the royal house's own bodyguards have no plans to change the main ornamental. 

- Certainly not! I am aware that it has been discussed by animal welfare organizations, but the skins we use have been certified according to the Washington convention on endangered animals, "says press officer in the Royal Guard, Soren Bo Jensen. 

Cap used for the Danish soldiers are manufactured by the Canadian black bear and subsequently stained black. The bears are protected, but every year a certain number shot to keep the stock down. And it is the leading argument for retaining caps that require a great disservice. 

- They are shot in natural regulation, and unless they were shot, they would kill each other. Therefore, it helps them to better welfare. For either the skins sold, or else they will be thrown out, reads the defense from the press officer. 

- Yes, but there are probably signal value to stop using fur? 

- We have of course considered. Attempts were made also at a time using artificial bearskin, but it becomes static and you can not breathe through the fabric. There is much to suggest that we keep the bear-skin, "says Soren Bo Jensen, who did not have figures on how many hats Royal Guard annually buys of saddlery Brian Ritzau.

Leading designers offer into. 
But while the Danish court thus maintains the use of real fur despite the Queen's newfound interest in the environment, then you have to Buckingham Palace seen the writing on the wall and the new requirements for more environmentally conscious - even in the royal chambers. 

Here you will meet senior managers to discuss how to replace caps with someone who is more modern and do not involve killing the protected animals. 

Thus, both Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood to the ticket given to create the new cap in other materials as is the plan to give them a more modern look. 

However, it is neither the royal house or the officers who wish to change the traditional bearskin hats off. 

It is rather a popular demand that has led the court to recognize that the new focus on the environment also have implications for European monarchies.

From Danish Resident

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